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EinScan H2 Trade-in Program

From July 26th to September 30th, 2023

Trade-in and Upgrade Program

Trade In Any 3D Scanner And Receive $1500 Towards The Latest EinScan 3D Scanner


SHINING 3D is accepting any 3D scanner – regardless of brand, condition, or usage period – as a trade-in deposit for the new EinScan H2. From July 26th to September 30th, 2023, you can receive up to $1,500 in deposit in exchange for your old equipment.

Why get the new EinScan H2?

The EinScan H2 improves on its predecessor for more photorealistic textures and better data quality. Its wide scanning area and depth of field make it suitable for various scenes and objects, both small and large, in narrow or wide spaces.

  • 5.0MP texture camera provides photorealistic textures
  • 3 VCSEL projectors deliver superior environmental adaptability
  • Hybrid light source - with an accuracy of up to 0.05mm in white light mode

The EinScan H2 is an efficient 3D scanning tool that can revolutionize your workflow.

EinScan Trade-in 01

Everyone Is Eligible – The Trade-In & Upgrade Program Is Open To All!

  Only 4 Steps to Participate!

Step 1: Fill out the EinScan H2 Trade-in Form
Step 2: Get a response from the SHINING 3D team
Step 3: Send your old scanner to the specified address
Step 4: Get an exclusive offer for the EinScan H2

Request a Trade-In Estimate Today For The Brand New EinScan H2!

Terms and Conditions for EinScan Trade-in Program

This Trade-In Promotion ("Promotion") is organized by shining 3d.  By accepting the Trade in Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. Eligibility: You represent and warrant that you have reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction to participate in this Trade-In service.
  2. Service Provider: The Trade-In service is provided by Shining 3D and authorized resellers.
  3. Non-Reseller Agreement: You confirm and undertake that you are not a reseller of Shining 3D products.
  4. Ownership: You represent and warrant that you are the rightful owner of the trade-in device and have full ownership rights to trade it in.
  5. Encumbrances: You confirm and warrant that there are no leases, liens, or other third-party interests attached to the trade-in device.
  6. Transfer of Ownership: Upon completion of the trade-in transaction, ownership of the trade-in device shall be transferred to Shining 3D or authorized resellers. You further agree to cancel or transfer the account associated with the original device, if applicable.
  7. Trade Eligibility and Valuation: You acknowledge and agree that trade eligibility and trade-in values are subject to inspection and evaluation by Shining 3D or authorized resellers.
  8. Personal Information: In compliance with applicable laws, you consent to the disclosure of any personal information provided by you during the trade-in process to law enforcement authorities, as required by Shining 3D or authorized resellers.

By participating in the EinScan Trade-In Promotion and accepting these Terms and Conditions, you signify your agreement to be bound by the above-stated provisions.